College Pride and Alma Mater HeroBracelets

Your Hero May be your son or daughter who will be the first generation in your family to graduate from college.  Or the second, or third, or fourth generation.  

All college graduates, and their parents know the amazing feeling of such an immense accomplishment. BE PROUD.  Of yourself or your child, or your parent, or any family member graduating from college.

While this might be cliché, - To thine own self be true. You know better than anyone who you are, and who you might be- imagined or otherwise. The world is your oyster.

Really when a child graduates from college, the feeling of a parent is not easy to describe.  I've been there.  Yes it is pride, happiness, but it's more. Your pride is for what is to come, not only what has been achieved.

We designed HeroBracelets to celebrate all Heroes, and yes, your college graduate may be your Hero.  Your Military College graduate may be your Hero and be entering the military again as an officer.

We salute all heroes, and thank you all for your service to our country - our country needs our military AND our country needs college graduates.