5 Generations of Snyders

This Amazing Photo of Five Snyder men was sent to us by a customer ordering a Custom Spartan HeroBracelet in his dad's honor.  We honor these men who have served our Country through generations.

The gorgeous HeroBracelet tribute follows the great photo.  Thank you Snyder Family !

~ Left to Right ~  John Snyder US Army, served in WWI, wounded 3 times, awarded the silver citation (later the silver star), during WWII he served in Greenland at a supply depot. Robert Snyder USMC (dad), served in Viet Nam, he was an A-4E pilot, killed near the DMZ attempting to take out the SAM site that killed him. I served (USMC) from 1979-1999, After retiring I went to the security field, ending up overseas as a contractor. (Blackwater) Daniel Snyder (USAF) served 22 years as an Intel guy, Robert Snyder USMC (son), served 5 years, 3 combat tours in Iraq, awarded the Bronze star, now a police officer in Montana.