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Outward Bound, a 45-year old non-profit outdoor, adventure-education organization, is looking for veterans, interested in participating in fully-funded reintegration wilderness expeditions. Adventures are physically, mentally and emotionally stimulating and work to build the self-confidence, trust, and communication skills necessary to successfully return to their families and communities following war time service.

Goals of the program are to provide a positive outdoor experience for military veterans that will enable them to experience the healing benefits of the natural world and benefit from quality environmental education.

Who: Available to all OEF or OIF Veterans who were deployed to Iraq and/or Afghanistan, pending medical screening.

What: A 5-7 day Wilderness Expedition: may include backpacking, rock climbing, canoeing, dogsledding, sailing, sea kayaking and white water rafting.

When: Dates available year-round.

Where: Wilderness locations include: California, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Alabama, and Florida.

How: What sets Outward Bound apart is that the goal is personal growth. The wilderness and the skills learned to deal with it are simply a vehicle for growth.

Cost: All expenses paid! Veterans will not be responsible for cost of expedition including round-trip stateside transportation to course site. Funding provided by the Military Family Outdoor Initiative Project, a joint project of the Sierra Club and The Sierra Club Foundation.

To Enroll: Please call 1-866-669-2362 ext 8387 (VET