Send some goodies to a soldier!

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We heard from a soldier in Afghanistan and asked him what they could use over there. Well, he sent us a list and an address! Anyone out there like to put together a care package for these guys? Here's his note...


First of all, I'd like to say thank you again for thinking about our team and having people send us things... The way it works, though, is all of our different teams get split up and go to different parts of Afghanistan, meaning it's just me and two other guys from my company out here with me. That being said, here is our composite list preceded by our address.

SGT Mills, Ryan      <-- (this is just my team leader's name, I figured it proper to have him as the addressee)

Psychological Operations

COP Rath

APO AE 09313


Protein powder

Crocs; sizes 9, 10.5, & 12

Beef jerky


Soap/body wash

Chips & salsa!

Good books, whether new or old, doesn't matter

La Cholula hot sauce


Ramen Noodles

Electric Water Boiler (the kind that just plugs into a regular wall outlet)


I'll be sending you a picture of the whole team tomorrow in a separate e-mail.

Thanks in advance! Miss you and all your fam' terribly.