My Hero. LCPL Abraham Simpson. USMC

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[caption id="attachment_3689" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="LCpl Abraham Simpson, 19 KIA 09 NOV 04, Fallujah"][/caption]Abraham Simpson, USMC, OIF II, Al Fajr Operation Phantom Fury)

Abraham Simpson

March 16, 1985 – November 9, 2004

Abe loved backpacking and was the most loyal friend you could find. He was an Eagle Scout and a Christian. He loved San Jose del Cabo where he served on two mission teams in 2002 to share his faith and to assist a sister church. He was planning a trip there as soon as he got back.

Abe wanted to be a Marine because if he was going to serve, he wanted to be part of the best. It was his life long goal, and then to become LAPD. He was very bright, but wanted very much to be known as just one of the regular guys. He got a perfect score on the ASVAB.

Two marks of his heart and character that I love are: before he left he told us and others that if anyone was to die, it would be better that it would be him, because he was prepared to meet his God, and the others weren’t. He also wanted to be infantry to be able to share his faith with those who were at the tip of the spear, since they were in the most danger.

He also wrote to a friend that he had chosen not to pursue a romantic relationship while he was a Marine because he didn’t want to mess up someone’s life if anything happened to him. As a result, he never dated, though he had many friends that he spent all his time with while he was home.

Abe treasured his friends and family, and he always wanted to do the right thing, this is why he served. One of his comrades who helped inventory his stuff to send it home, said that the unique thing about Abe was that there was nothing they couldn’t send home. Nothing the family shouldn’t see. He also said that Abe was never “shaken” by the things that got to the rest of them. He found his hope, strength and stability in the Word of God.

I hope this paints some kind of picture for you. I could go on forever talking about my son! Thank you for allowing me to share him with you.

LCpl Abraham Simpson, 19

KIA 09 NOV 04, Fallujah

Before Honor is Humility

~ Maria Simpson ~

~ USMC mom X 2