My Hero. My Son. PFC Micheal W. Shipman Jr

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My dearest son PFC Micheal W. Shipman Jr.,

As this is memorial I will be as long winded as possible.  From the time you came to me I knew you where born for great things.  As you grew older you were always striving to become a better and stronger person. You were always diligent and eager to attain your goals.  I wish we could have had alot more time together. 19 years was only a small amount of time.  We never had time to experience adulthood and fatherhood. I would have like to had some grandchildren.    I suppose somewhere wherever it is you went, you are doing great things.  Me as your mom, and a fellow service member also, i understand you had to do what you had to do.  Always remember you are loved and never forgotten.

Roxanne and Erik Ol