My Hero. LCpl. Charles Seth Sharp

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LCpl. Charles Seth Sharp, 2/8 E Co. USMC, Endurung Freedom - Strike of the Sword

Joined Marine Corps at age 17 post 9/11 attack. Served a tour in Iraq at age 18 and was serving in Afghanistan on this tour. Seth enjoyed life. He knew he was loved and we know that he loved us. He loved life to the fullest. Seth is my hero. Seth knew what he wanted to do in life -college,marriage,etc. I thought to myself, "He's 20 yrs. old and planning his future and I'm in my 40's trying to figure mine out". Seth was an exceptional football player in school. He loved all sports. We got to enjoy a day of golf when he returned from Iraq. We miss him. We think of him everday. I love you Seth. We will see you again at Heaven's gate very soon. Told to us by SSgt. Nunn who was state-side due to battlefield injury - Seth's mission on that fateful day was sent in by two helicopters with two machine gunners(one on each helo). When landed they set up with Seth being the machine gunner in the middle (the other on the left). The SSgt. said he looked Seth straight in the eyes as they exited the helo and said he know that Seth knew exactly what to do. He said most people doesn't realize what a .50 will do. He said Seth was laying them down left and right so the SSgt went to check on the other .50 and that is when he got the call that Seth had been hit in the neck by small arms fire. He said that Seth saved many lives that day. The ground that they were fighting for has been officially named Combat Outpost Sharp. God Bless All of the military. Like most of you, an AMERICAN flag flies at my home and will continue to do so until ALL come home.

Eric Sh