My Son. My Hero. Kevin Luna

Tags: HeroStories

My son was my best friend because of the courage he displayed as a soldier in the U.S. Army and the hero he became at such an early age. From a teenager, he became a man who always thought of others and always made sure to fit everyone into his schedule when he was home. He lit up a room and had a smile that could capture anyones heart and always had a hug for everyone he cared for, but ready to help when someone needed a hand who he did not know. He grew to be a leader and a teacher to those that needed him. Along the way he became a husband, a father, but always he was a friend to many. Those that knew him when he was little and those that knew him only for a short time all miss his presence. Kevin took all of his good qualities and wrapped them all up and took them into the Army. There in the Army it created a soldier who gave all of himself in everything he did. All who knew him were all proud of him beyond words and feel a deep void that can never be filled. He will live on shining like a light in our hearts, today, tomorrow, and always. That smile of his will never go away.. as long as we always remember. And we will!!

Proud Mother of a Fallen Hero & Patriot,

Theresa L