My Hero. My Son. Cpl. Nicholas Ziolkowski

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My son, Cpl. Nicholas Ziolkowski was KIA in Fallujah on November 14, 2004. One day in January, I came home from work and found a HeroBracelet that someone had left at my door. The guy who left it was a repairman who had been doing work in my house when Nick was home for the last time. It turned out that the repairman had been a Marine in the same battalion as Nick. They chatted for awhile.

When Nick was killed, Bill, came by the house to pay a condolence call, and then he and his wife ordered the HeroBracelet for me. I wear is always—partly as a remembrance of Bill’s kindness (his name is Bill Rappold).

Thank you for doing this service for Gold Star families.

Tracy Mil