My Hero. My Brother. SSG Matthew A. Pucino.

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Memorial To My Brother, My Hero - Matthew A. Pucino who was KIA in

Pashay Kala, Afghanistan 23 NOV 09.

A Special Forces Soldier

I might get injured and maybe die

But I just can’t sit leisurely by.

I know the risks and the price to be paid,

I was called to be a warrior, I am not afraid.

My love for God, my family and my country too,

Has been rooted in me and is now my sacrifice to you.

Do not cry for me, I am home at last,

The Lord has welcomed me, holding me fast.

My job on earth has been completed I’m told,

I now patrol these streets paved with pure gold,

I’ve had a slight change in employment you see,

I am now a WARRIOR FOR CHRIST and forever will be.

In honor of my brother, , US Army Special Forces Green Beret.

The best brother - a sister could ever have the privilege of knowing and loving.  I will see you on the other side.

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