My Hero. Cpl Gennaro Pellegrini, Jr.

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Dear Jerry,

I love you and miss you every day.  There is a part of me that died with you and I know I will never be the the same.  But out of this great loss I have learned from you and your actions.  You loved life and I believe you lived it to it's fullest.  Your love of children was so obvious when you were with your niece and nephews but everyone around you got to see it when you were with the children in Iraq.  You touched the lives of children in Port Richmond by a letter you wrote to them and they will always remember you for your big heart and sacrifice.

Many people have gotten to know you even though they did not have the chance to meet you.  Your story, even though it ended too soon, will go on forever.  People will see your picture her in York and hear you story from a school student who heard it from me.  They will say the pledge to the flag and sing the National Anthem with a whole new understanding because of you and all the men and women that have and will serve our country.  You are my hero and it is not just because of the way you died but because of the life you lived.

I will always look up to you little brother and I will NEVER let you be forgotten.

Love & God Bless,