First box of books to the 467th.

What a bargain!

I put out the word to friends and neighbors that I was sending books to the 467th in Afghanistan.

Well, it didnt take long to get a LOT of books. I probably got 100lbs or more of books or more. Great books too. Not faded old paperbacks. Then I got to worrying about the shipping cost.

I went online and found the form I needed to fill out to send to an APO and filled it in. Then we used the calculator to figure out shipping cost. Scared the heck out of me. I was looking at several hundred dollars in shipping costs. But I went to the post office with a smaller box, maybe 40 books and some drawings and notes from a friends children and was very surprised that it only cost $16 to ship the 34 lbs of books!

C'mon people! that's a bargain!

I think we should all ship something to the guys in the fight. Send them books, gifts, anything. I did hear from MAJ Suttinger that they really like snacks (wrapped granola bars and such) and powdered drink mixes (to mix into water bottles). There are lists all over the web about what they'd like to make their deployments a little better.

So get inspired. Send them something. It's not expensive and I know it'll be apprecaited.

We'll wait till after Christmas to ship more boxes. Half our kitchen is covered in boo