Sending books to the 467th.

A couple weeks back, we were fortunate enough to meet the 467th at Fort Hood, following the terrible shooting that claimed 5 of their members.

During our visit, I talked quite a bit with MAJ Laura Suttinger and in the conversation, she mentioned that they love getting their hands on books on the deployment. Well, they headed out to Afghanistan last week and I put out a call to friends and neighbors for books. Got a great bunch of really good books dropped off.

Well, just heard from the Major again this morning and mentioned that powdered drink mixes that can be mixed in a drink bottle, and small wrapped snacks would be greatly appreciated by the guys out on patrols. So we're going to pack a lot of those up for the shipment as well.

I suggest that if you've got some time on your hands and want to reach out to the guys in the fight, send them some books, some drink mixes, snacks... anything you can. I think it'll be greatly appreciated.