Our Hero. Our Son. 1LT Adam Malson.


Our son, US ARMY Ranger 10th Mountain, 4-31, 1LT Adam Malson, was killed by a suicide vested bomber on February 19, 2005 while serving our country in IRAQ. Adam was a true patriot and a great American military hero.

Briefly, 1LT Adam was at a check point with his platoon on the outskirts of Khadamiyah, IRAQ during the holy celebration of Asura. Several explosions were heard and he decided to act by splitting his platoon and race towards the action. Upon arrival, he strategically placed his men to form a perimeter around the Khadamiyah holy shrine to add protection for the dazed and confused worshipers. During the confusion, 1LT Adam noticed a woman burning in a nearby vehicle. He quickly took action and attempted to free the trapped woman. Within seconds, a suicide terrorist detonated his explosive vest killing Adam and an Iraqi interpreter. The trapped woman survived.

For his brave act of courage, the US Army gave him the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.  The Malson family and many friends wears the Hero bracelets in memory of Adam and will never forget his dedication to country.

Adam is best remembered during the Christmas holiday because it was his favorite holiday.

We still hang his stocking on our fireplace mantle every Christmas Eve and put candy and

other assorted knickknacks in the stocking as a reminder that we as a family will always reserved a place in our hearts for him and to preserve his Christmas spirit.

Adams_IRAQ_Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

I attached a picture of his little “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree, as taken in IRAQ sometime in December 2004. When I last spoke to Adam, (the morning of this death) he told me, “Not to worry about him. He was just doing his job.” He was an unselfish soldier with a heart of gold. We miss him dearly.

Merry Christmas,

The Ben Malson Family

Regards, Ben Malson