A memorial dinner.

I would like to say what a wonderful thing you are doing!! My husband is in Army Reserves during his first tour in Iraq one of his  soldiers Gregory Bellanger was KIA, and Greg's mom has a memorial dinner she does every year for her son. Well this year was first year I was able to go with my husband I was just floored and felt so much love and remembrance of this fallen soldier!! So she has a nice dinner this year was a turkey feast and raffles off a whole bunch of things one of items this year was these hero bracelets which I thought was really a nice way of honoring him so ended my husband and the other guys that served with him won the bracelet, which just brought tears to my eyes .I know when my husband leaves in June I will be very sad but wearing my hero bracelet with along with rest of his family with a lot of pride!! We need to honor love and treasure are soldiers serving and the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for are country so from bottom of my heart thank you!!

Thank You,