My Thanksgiving Hero story... SGT Samuel K. Kelsey

I purchased a herobracelet for Sgt. Samuel K. Kelsey, from Troup, Texas, who died on 12-13-07 in Iraq.

I saw a story on the internet about this brave young man. He was the only child of a single mom who died during his second tour in Iraq saving a fellow soldier. I bought and wear this bracelet to remind me to pray for his mother and our troops. As a mother of an Army soldier who recently discharged, my heart is so heavy for this Mom. To lose her only heart just can't imagine the pain she feels daily. If you could do anything for Samuel's mother (by publishing His story so that his honored memory can live on) it would be greatly appreciated.

My hero is Samuel K. Kelsey and His Mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carla Melton from Te