Save the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial

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I am sure you are aware of the attack on the Mojave Desert Veterans

Memorial. If not you should look into it at,

and see if you are interested in helping their cause. I am part of a

group of soldiers who are currently in Iraq, and plan to caravan from

Fort Polk to the Mojave desert to show our support. We have

contacted the Liberty Legal Institute and informed them of our plan

as of this time, and they are giving us support through media

coverage of the event. We (my friends and I) are contacting anyone

who we feel would be able or willing to help us fulfill our mission.

We are planning to do this some time in September. We have started

our own web site to show our support for the memorial cross at

Anything way you could show support for us would be wonderful, even

if it is just a posting on the web page.


SSG Rey O. Zun