My Hero. My Son. SPC Adam Gregory.

i am 100% disabled and have raised my only child, spc adam gregory by

myself. His grandfather, my dad, served 31 years in the us army and served

in the Korean war and twice went to vietnam. He retired in 1976, but would

go back tomorrow if they would let him. He has been the father figure for my

son for many years and my son decided to join the texas national guard after

high school to see if he had what it took. While in basic training on sept

11, 2001 it changed his life and he knew that he wanted to be active duty.

Upon completion of basic training and AIT he returned home and tried

everything he could to go active duty but met barriers every where he went.

In Aug of 2004 his national guard unit--the T Patchers were activated. My

son was told he would not go to Iraq because of my disability. He wrote a

letter and stated that he was not going to stay home while his friends and

battle buddies went to war. I supported him 100% and was able to find help

while he was gone. After many attempts he was finally told he had to under

go some counselling and if he still felt so strong about going he would be

able to go. On Aug 28, 2004 he went to Ft. Hood, Texas to train for fighting

in a war for his country. On January 1, 2005 there was a ceremony at baylor

stadium for the 3000+ troops going to Iraq. I said goodbye to him on January

2, 2005 after dropping him off at ft. hood. I only knew he would leave

within the next six days.  The next phone call i received from him on

January 5 was from ramstein air force base. He was on his way to Iraq and

you would have thought he was going to Hawaii on vacation. A few days later

he called to they me he was in Kuwait and was scared to death, but he said

he knew he was coming home and i told him i knew it too and that it was ok

to be scared. Everyone of the 36th Infantry that went together were sent to

Tellih (sp) air force base, except a few that were sent to do other jobs. My

son's mos was truck driver so he went to Scania and did convoy security for

Harributon. I had no idea how dangerous the job was until he returned home.

I ordered a hero bracelet for myself went i first heard about them. it was

fall of 2005 i believe and i still wear it almost every day. My son is my

hero. He returned home just prior to christmas in 2005 and i have never be

so happy in life as i was to see his smiling face and he was just as happy.

In fact he hugged me so hard he cracked 3 ribs. I am very tiny 5'6" and 90

pounds so that probably wasn't difficult for him to do. lol

Now my son is at fort benning, finally regular army. He went to infantry

school and is now ready to start his airborne training. He will be stationed

at the 82nd infantry at ft.bragg went he completes his training before the

end of the year. He knows he will be deployed to afganastan probably in

March of 2009 and has no regrets. I have never seen him so happy- maybe a

little homesick at times-but glad he has come this far and hopes to someday

be a first sergeant and call his troops to formation. That is his dream.

I just wanted to send this to you because i am so proud of my son. I have

many medical problems and for the last 2 months have been unable to do much.

Last saturday i was able to get up and get around a little and have been

feeling good the last few days so i am taking this time to type this and

send my son's hero story to you.  Thank you for taking the time to read it

and i hope you will include him in your hero's.


victoria snow greg