My Hero. My Son. Marine Lcpl Michael Jason Williams

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Hello, my name is Sandra Watson and my son was killed in 2003 in An Nasariyah Iraq.  I am writing to request one of your memorial hero bracelets given to Gold Star Families.  I am a member of Gold Star Mothers and actively participate in packing boxes for Iraq and being with new Gold Star Mothers for the last six years.  Thank you for your offer.

Marine Lance Corporal Michael Jason Williams of Phoenix, Arizona was killed in the first battle of the Iraq War, on 3-23-03, in Nasiriyah Iraq.  He was killed along with 17 of his fellow Marines from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, while trying to help the Army group that had been ambushed earlier in the day in Nasariyah after taking a wrong turn.  This is the same battle that Jessica Lynch and a couple of her comrades were taken as POWs, including Hopi Indian Lori Piestewa, who is also from Arizona.  Lori died from her injuries and is honored as the first Indian female who has died in battle.  Lori's family and Michael's family morn together the deaths of their children on the same day, the same place and a special mountain in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve has been renamed in her honor from Squaw Peak to Piestewa Peak.

Michael joined the Marines at age 29 after giving up his flooring business and went to basic training right after 9/11.  By January of 2002 he and his battalion from Camp Lejeune boarded the first seven war ships that left the USA for Kuwait.  The invasion of Iraq commenced on March 20, 2003 (I think that this date is right) and his group was first in line, thus being the first ones that arrived in Nasariyah.

Michael earned the respect of his fellow Marines and supervisors and was called "old man" and "pops" because he was so much older than his peers.  He is very badly missed by his family and will never be forgotten.  His brother, Joe Williams, took over his business and to this day has made it a successful venture.  Michael was 31 years old when he died.

Marine Lcpl Michael Jason Williams "Pops"

KIA 3-23-03 An Nasariyah Iraq

Phoenix, Arizona, birthday 6-01-71

Always respected, always lo