From a Gold Star Family

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Thank you very much for the Bracelets you're providing to the Gold Star Families.  I am a Gold Star step-mom.  My husband and I have ordered many of these bracelets and given them to our other family members.  A couple of months ago, my husband was in a small motorcycle accident with only minor injuries, and his memorial bracelet with his son's name on it was mangled and could no longer be worn.  I gave him mine right away, and now I would like another for myself.

Branden Paul Ramey, age 22, was a Lance Corporal in the USMC when he was killed in action in Lutifiyah, Iraq on November 8, 2004.  He was the most charismatic young man I have ever met, and seemed to have love for all, including God.  I have been visited by him in my dreams, one in which he gave me a fierce hug and told me he had to go, and that he loved me very much.  I will always cherish the dream, as well as all the memories we have of our time with Branden.  We miss him terribly, and definitely appreciate the trust God had in us by giving us the opportunity to share in Branden's life here on earth.  We know he isn't far from us physically and has never left our hearts.

If you are able to send us another bracelet, that would be wonderful.  You are an awesome man, and your generosity will not be forgotten.

Sandy Ra