Flat Stanley in Baghdad!

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LTJG Jon Burrow has been sending us great photos from Baghdad for a while now. And this is pretty awesome. He'll explain it better than I can!



Flat Stanley was busy again on missions in Baghdad, Iraq!

(for those who don't know about Flat Stan, be joined me in Iraq all the

way from Amy Daniel's second grade class in Salem, IL)

Here is some info about the attached pictures:

1. #102: Flat Stanley is looking down from a BLACKHAWK helicopter over

Baghdad traffic

2. Flat Stan and me flying in BLACKHAWK HELO over Sadr City, Baghdad,


3. #92, Stan and me inside the Iraqi Police College headquarters

building, we are in a conference room getting ready to meet with the

guys who teach Iraqis how to become Police Officers.  It is the Iraqi

Police Academy

4.  #93, a close up of Flat Stan and me waiting for extraction (waiting

for HELO to pick us up)

5.  #94, Stanley the battle buddy hanging out with me next to our

armored 2008 Chevy Suburban, waiting for the HELO to pick us up.

6.  PICTURE OF THE UH-60 BLACKHAWK HELICOPTER (we fly around Iraq in

these all the time)

See you soon!  32 more days and I LEAVE IRAQ to start the 2 week journey



Jon Burrow, LTJG, LDO, USN

MNSTC-I J3 Operations

Force Protection Offi