My Hero. My Son. SPC. Nicholas E. Wilson.

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SPC. Nicholas E. Wilson, Army, Ar Ramadi, Iraq

This is is memory of my wonderfully strong, brave and sensitive son, Nick Wison.

He was born 3 months early and the doctors said if he lived, he would be a fighter!!!  He right they were.  He fought for every victory he conquered in life.  So, it was no surprise after high school (he'd been in AFROTC for 4 years) he decided to go military.  I told him, just be aware of your hearing (his only thing affected by birth) he chose Infantry in the Army!

He left February 14, 2003, graduated from Fort Benning June 13th, 2003.  He deployed to Camp Casey, South Korea with the 1-9's in July of 2003 and was there until the order came for the 1-9's to deploy to Iraq in August of 2004.  They went active 9/11/2004 out of Ar Ramadi, Iraq.  There missions were numerous.  All I know is he was very courageous and brave.

He came home on leave in February of 2005 and 2 weeks after returning to Iraq was killed in a humvee roll-over, while on a mission.

He was and continues to be my hero.  I miss him every minute of every day.  I wear my hero bracelet to remember him each day.  Thanks for the memory!!

Debbie Newhouse

Always the Mom of

SPC. Nicholas E. Wilson

KIA Ar Ramadi, Iraq 3-11-2005