My Hero. Lance Cpl. Harry R Swain IV

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from Harry R Swain III

Lance Cpl. Harry R Swain IV, United States Marine Corps, Iraq Freedom

A True Marine Lived and Died by his beliefs 1983-2005

I wanted to take time to thank for your support of our Soldiers, and in Honor of our Son, Brother, family member, and friend Lance Cpl. Harry R Swain IV who was killed in action Jan 31 2005.

Harry IV would have been 25 years old July 29th, 2008. He was born July 29th, 1983, and just had that Special Magic about him.

As anybody that had the Honor to meet or talk to Harry IV, would tell you that he would instantly make you feel comfortable. By the time you got done talking to him, you thought you have known each other for years.

Harry IV was a kind hearted soul, and was wiser than his years on this Earth. He was an awesome person, Son, Brother, and friend.

He is sadly missed, and will never be forgotten.

I feel it is my duty as his Father to keep his Memory alive, and not let his memory fade away. They took his body away, but not his soul and our memories.

We will offer a scholarship to a Millville High School student this year in Honor of Harry IV Memory. Harry IV would have made an awesome teacher, if he had survived Iraq.

He believed in Honor, Courage, Commitment, and Freedom.

Harry IV was at Camp Lejeune when he wrote this article listed below in the Vineland Daily Journal.

He was 19 years old when he wrote this;

A True Marine Lived and Died by his beliefs 1983-2005

All Men and all women are created equal

Vineland Daily Journal 12-10-2002:

As a young Millville native currently serving as an active duty United States Marine Corps infantryman out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, I can tell you for certain that the problem of Iraq is not going to go away unless we do something about it. Springsteen shouldn't worry about "putting •œ American lives on the line" because when those of us in the armed forces joined the military, we were fully aware of the dangers that may one day be placed upon us. As such, many of us are willing, even eager, to put our lives on the line, not only for the defense of our country but for the defense of all people, everywhere. This is what we signed up for, and this is what we do, for to do any less would violate the very fabric of our Constitution, which we are sworn to protect. "All men are created equal" means all men and all women, not just the citizens of the United States.

Semper Fidelis PFC Harry R. Swain IV

Harry IV died at the age of 21, at the rank of Lance Cpl. so that others could be free.

So as we go about our daily life, remember soldiers gave their life for our freedom past and present. Don't take it for granted.

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