My Hero. My Son. Dan Dolan.

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Dan, had a deep love and appreciation of country never

wavering in his decision to join the army. It was a dream he had as a

small child., feeling that everyone should serve their country. I

remember in Basic training  during the last grueling test. He wrote,

in a letter, We just finished our last march at the end of this march

we have to climb Honor Hill , on Honor Hill is an American Flag , I

look up the hill feeling the last of my energy ebbing  away and see

the Flag, with much emotion I  realize just why I Joined and this

spurs me on to the finish. I am so proud of Myself and My Country . I

do not regret for one minute the decision that I have made.

Dan, was killed August 27, 2006 when the Stryker he was driving hit

an IED, Killed in the same incident was the vehicle commander CPL.

Kenneth M. Cross. Dan, will be greatly missed by all who knew him,

for his friendship and loyalty and his helpful non-judgmental nature.

Fay L. Do