My Hero, My Son. Steven Chavez.

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My hero, is my son Steven Chavez He grew up wanting to be in the military. He knew at a very young age that this is what he wanted to do. After nine eleven that wasn't even a question on his mind, he was going in to the military. Steven was a very giving person, I remember him askng for some left over chinese food we had from a dinner  we had. He put a napkin, fork,and any-thing else we had into the bag we brought back to the motel we stayed at, Then he said I'll be right back, We never asked where he was going or thought anyhing about it, about ten minutes later Steven returned and he went to the window and looked out, we asked what are you looking at? He said, mom I took our leftovers to the homeless man under the bridge over there, I saw him when we drove in today I gave him five dollars too thats all I had in my pocket.

So many times I saw my soon do selfless acts of  love for so many people.if there were people in school that needed a friend he was there trying to make things better for everyone. He could be with his friends all day and would be happy to see them an hour later.

When he joined the marines he told his friends'I'm doing this so that no one can hurt the people I love most in this world, My famly and my friends,also so that you can get an education, cause I'm not school material, I belong in the miitary. We lost Steven in Iraq in 2007. We miss him so very much, and hope that ths war will be  over real soon so that other families won't have to  feel the pain of losing a loved one like so many of us have had to endure.

We have so many stories of Steven to share but would be here for hours sharing them. Thank you Hero Bracelets for sharing so many stories of our loved ones that have given the ultimate to keep us and our country free.

I have no pictues to post of Steven but I hope in the near future my daughter will show me how to post pictures in the computer.


Novelda Cha