Remembering 9/11


This year September 11th (Patriots Day) is a special time for remembering our fallen brothers and sisters.  For those who may not know, I served at Ground Zero during the first few days of the search and rescue efforts, so being here in Iraq working to help put an end to terrorist insurgent activity is a very surreal feeling.

A military newsletter is attached for all to enjoy. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

The personal sacrifices that we make and our families continue to make every single day are making a difference.

May God continue to bless us towards our final resolve.  The sustainable Security of Iraq, the freedom and security of our loved ones throughout the world from terrorism. We do this, so our kids won't have to.

So help us God.


Jon Burrow, ENS, LDO 6495, USN

Military Police

Operation Iraqi Freedom-Bagh