This made our day.

(Today, we were updating the KIA database from the DOD. Not something we ever look forward to, but something we need to do nonetheless. Then, when opening email this morning, we came across this letter from a HeroBracelets wearer from Florida. It brought into perspective what we're doing here and what can happen when people decide to do something kind for a stranger. It really made our day and we're proud to share it with you.)


I recently received an email about the bracelet i had ordered. A few years back i had ordered several bracelets after reading an article in my local newspaper. I received random names of heroes that had died in the war (since i did not have a direct connection to the war at that time).

I shared my bracelets with friends and we all wore them continually. As i looked at mine everyday, i began to wonder about the young man whose name was on the bracelet and about his family. I felt that to truly honor him, i needed to unite the bracelet with his family in recognition of their son. After some searching on the internet (thank goodness for this technology). I was able to get in touch with a high school friend of this soldier, who in turn, got me in touch

with this young man's parents. I explained about the bracelet and mailed it to them.

After they received it, they sent me the most touching email thanking me and telling me all about their son. It brought tears to my eyes but I knew i had made the right decision sending the

bracelet to them, so that now they're able to honor their son by wearing it themselves.

Since that time, i've had 2 family acquaintences deployed to Iraq and i've ordered more bracelets so that their family members can keep them "close at hand" everyday as well.

Thank you for providing this service, this American truly appreciates your tribute to the troops!


Lynn Grasso