An interesting story, close to home.

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My daughter goes to high school, and many of her friends wear HeroBracelets bearing the names of those killed in action.

Well, one of her friends had been wearing a memorial bracelet for over a year and really wanted to know more about the soldier she'd been wearing. She did some research on the web and came across a memorial to him on a Web site. She posted a small piece about how she'd been wearing his name on her wrist and was proud to be able to honor him memory, and how she was glad to be able to know more about him.

As it turns out, the soldiers mother read her post and was very moved that a stranger halfway across the country who had never known her son was honoring his memory and wanting to know more about him. The mother herself, did some research and found several girls in Texas of the same name. She called them all and eventually found our friend.

They both talked for hours. The girl said it was one of the most powerful and moving experiences of her life.

This is exactly what we had hoped would happen when we started HeroBracelets over four years ago. We wanted a way for people to truly connect with those who serve our country and, sometimes pay the ultimate price. We always wanted this simple gesture to open doors and move others to do something good. We're always happy to hear these stories and share them. Please feel free to send us your stories any ti