SGT Michael Valley

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strike2-2cpics026.JPGone-month-pics-003.jpg When you sent an e-mail asking to write about our heroes I couldn't hit reply quick enough. My husband, SGT Michael Valley, is currently serving in Iraq. He is a Squad leader for the 511th Military Police Company under the 10th Mountain Division of Ft. Drum, NY. He has 2 1/2 years of service in the Army and has previously served in the Navy for 9 years.

My husband left 3 weeks after our son, Michael Jr., was born. It was the hardest day for our family. Everyday we talk, he is sure to talk to Mikey so he won't forget his voice. I wear my deployment dog tag everyday and it's one of Mikey's favorite toys.

My husband is the bravest man I know. I hope that our son takes after him everyday. I hope he is able to display the same courage my husband has. Our hero will be home in February of 2009 and it can't come soon enough!

Laurie Val