My husband, my Hero.

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Nothing can ever explain the joy, pride and sheer awe that I

experience, when seeing my husband in his uniform. Since the day I

met him, there has never been a moment where my respect for him has

wavered. I am red, white and blue to my core, and our three beautiful

children are as well. It's hard not to break into a patriotic song of

pride when someone says, "Thank you, for what your husband is doing."

And there's absolutely no way to contain the tears that come, when you

hear about one of his fallen brothers or sisters in arms. My husband

has fought, won, cried and bled for our country for 23 years, and he

would "storm the gates of hell" for any of his "compadres" for another

23 more. Thank you to all the service men and women who live, breathe

and die for our nation.


Lauren Davis

Ft. Bragg, N