My Hero, SSG Brad D. Wood.

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Hello My name is April Goodin-Wood. My husband SSG Brad D. Wood is currently serving in Iraq. My husband is my HERO he is always willing to help others and never forgets his duty to his country. Brad deployed in August 2007 while I was pregnant with our first child. I was returned to the states due to my pregnancy. We did not know if our son would make it or not. Not one day went by that my husband did not tell me everything would be fine. He took time out from live fire fights, dealing with everyday situations to remind me that everything would be okay. Brad was unable to make it back for the birth of our son. The day Mayson our son was born Brad was caught in a live fire attack. Brad sent a letter that day I did not receive it till a few weeks later. He told me he asked God to let Mayson be okay. To let him live. To take him instead. That day he and his platoon came under attack and Brad said he felt like this was it. He knew God would answer his prayers. He told his fellow soldiers to make sure we knew how much he loved us both.

Mayson was born a healthy baby boy. No signs of the chromosome disorder he was diagnosed with. Brad never called. A few days later I received a call saying that Brad was fine but had been under attack. His shoulder was dislocated he had some scrapes and bruises' but he would be fine. We lost several soldiers that night. Brad does not share this story with many, he does not consider himself as a hero. He says this is duty to protect my family and the fellow americans back home. God had answered his prayers, but he also answered ours. To let Brad meet his son.

Brad came home for his RnR in July. A unforgettable 18 days we spent together finally as a family. Daddy and son together at last. Mayson is our miracle baby. Brad offered his own life in a country at war for the life of our son. My husband has been in the ARMY for over 13 years. He considers this his job, his duty. He has never once thought of himself as a hero. He has saved lives everyday, he is there to talk with his young soldiers to be a friend to understand that they are scared. Not one day goes by that I do not thank God for not taking my husband. In our eyes he is our HERO. He was asked to stay behind on REAR D, but he could not leave his men. I as an ARMY WIFE knew this was right. Our HERO was willing to leave his family not knowing the uncertainty of his unborn child. But made sure we knew he was right there every moment. Our HERO offered his own life for our son. Our HERO left again in tears knowing this may be the last time he sees his family to go back and do his duty. Our HERO will never know how much he means to us, how much we and others look up to him, how much he is respected but says this is my duty to stand for freedom at this time of need.  Our HERO loves every minute of being in the ARMY and defending our country for what is right. My best friend, My husband, My soldier, My Hero. He is always in our hearts, and will always be our HERO.

I believe that all military men and women are our American Heroes. They all have a special place in my heart and should know that they are our AMERICAN HEROES !!!!!

Thank you for your time,

April Goodin-W