My Hero, SPC Kristopher Prusac.

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img006e.JPGMy husband is SPC Kristopher Prusac.  He is a Forward Observer with 10th Mountain Division in the Army.  When stateside, he is based out of Ft. Polk, Louisiana; but at this time is stationed overseas in Baghdad, Iraq.  We met 10 days before he left for Basic Training and without really knowing what we were in for, decided that something felt right, so we stuck it out.  It was a long four months and due to work I could not be there for his graduation.  I was so excited to see him when he first came home though.  We weathered many challenges being separated so much in our relationship and due to my scholarship that paid 100% of my college tuition I was forced to spend most of my time in FL to pursue my goals to be a nurse.  We got married at 11months together at the court house.  We impatiently await his re-deployment home so we can finally have the wedding we always dreamed of with all of our family and friends present.  We have been married for 3 1/2 years and I am so proud of my man and despite the challenges I love being an ARMY wife.  God Bless our men overseas, because as we all know freedom isn't free.

Dawn Osgood - wife of SPC Kristopher Pru