My four Hero's.

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I have four hero's........they are all represented on my hero brother, left yesterday Monday July 28th for his second tour of Iraq with the Army....his oldest son Micah has been stationed in Afghanistan for the past year and is due to be home in Germany with his wife and 3 year old daughter in November...he is a Staff Sgt. with the Army. Jordan, my middle nephew is currently completing training at Shepler Air Force Base in Wichita Falls Texas and is to leave the first of October for Landerheath in England for two years, the youngest of the three boys, Tyler, is currently stationed at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene Texas and will leave for Kuwait in February. I have PROUDLY worn my Hero's Bracelet since 2007 and will until all of my "babies" are on home turf. I thank you for the opportunity to show my pride in the military and others when they ask about the "names" on my arm..........get to hear the full story......puts a little reality to what these soldiers are facing daily.

Thank you

Mary Lou Lozier

Fritch Te