Memorial ceremony for SGTs Hull and Tomko.


As you may know, the 307th hosted a memorial ceremony for SGTs Hull and Tomko on 8 Jun 08. About 600 people braved what passes for hot back here in the States (90+ degrees and high humidity) to pay tribute to

Hull and Tomko. The CG of the 200th MP Cmd, MG McQueen, and his CSM, CSM Toth, attended. COL Christine Stark, whom some of you may remember from Bosnia, spoke at the event. She also read a message from COL(Ret) Spain. SSG Kevin Forringer, formerly with the 307th, read a message from COL Glaser from Iraq. The 307th Army Band Brass Quintet played ceremonial music and the Star-Spangled Banner was performed a cappella by Mary Lou Edinger, sister of 1LT Steph Edinger. CPT Zeltwanger served as the narrator.

Many 307th alumni were present, including former company commander,

BG(Ret) Paul Hill, who is featured in a picture with CSM(Ret) Bill

McCullough, who was CSM of the 336th MP Bn from 1972-1986. There also are photos of the band, SSG Forringer reading COL Glaser's

For those of you who are cross-leveled, but not yet deployed, I also

wanted to share these with you. Some of you were able to attend and

participated in the event by standing in formation with troops from the

307th and 363d. I appreciate that you took the time to come. I

remember seeing Sekscinski, Cook, and Garia. I apologize if I missed

anyone else who came.

Attached are a few photos of the event and the program. I also included

the unit's history from the Center for Military History. We received it

just before the event. Once the video is finished being edited, I'll

get copies made and put them in the mail to you.

Take care and keep in touch. For those of you not yet overseas, be sure

to send me your mailing address once you get there. My civilian

employer has a program where it sends care packages to troops overseas

and I volunteer to help to fill the boxes and to ship them.


CPT Maletestinic

P.S. The 363d MP Co received its alert order today for deployment.

Matthew M. Maletestinic

Captain, United States Army

Commander, 307th Military Police Comp