Great soldier bracelets.

I want to thank you for my new custom Soldier Bracelets. They look great and fit perfectly. My longtime friend, Aaron Mitchell is in the Army and currently in Iraq. I ordered your bracelets for his parents, his siter and for me. They were all pretty thrilled to get them and we’ve all vowed to wear them till he comes home. We’re thinking of making a chain of all the bracelets for him when he gets home.

I get to talk to email him once in a while and told him about us all wearing his name on our bracelets. He was genuinely touched. I think it really made him feel good to know we’re all carrying around a constant reminder and that we’re thinking about him a hundred times a day. I know he’s proud to do his duty, but I know he misses his home and family and I KNOW we miss him!

Thank’s HeroBracelets for coming up with this great idea. You’re soldier bracelets are very well made, sturdy and beautiful. People ask about mine all the time, and I get to tell them about one of the best friends I’ve ever had and about what he’s doing right now in Iraq. I feel good to know these soldier bracelets are actually helping to raise money for the fallen heroes fund too.

Karen Ann Johnson, Dallas