News from The Advisor 1.

The Advisor is a email newsletter sent to us by Joseph Bartasius with the US Army Public Affairs Office. I've pulled some of the pieces out of the newsletter for this site. There are a lot of very interesting stories that you never seem to see anywhere. I'll pull more stories as time goes on. If you'd like to get the newsletter emailed to you, write us and we'll make sure you get on the list.


Concerned Local Citizens find weapons cache south of Baghdad

AL BUAYTHA – Coalition forces found and destroyed a

weapons cache in Al Buaytha, and Concerned Local Citizens

turned in another cache in Hawr Rajab during search operations

Dec. 29.

Coalition Soldiers found the first cache in Al Buaytha, which

consisted of a 120 mm mortar round, three RPGs and other IED-

making materials.

The second, larger cache was found by CLCs and turned in to

Coalition Soldiers. This cache consisted of eight 60 mm mortar

rounds, two fire extinguishers filled with homemade explosives

and 11 blasting caps.

– Multi-National Corps – Iraq Public Affairs Explosives found, hostage rescued during joint Saydiyah operation

WEST RASHID – Iraqi Security Forces and Multi-National

Division - Baghdad Soldiers destroyed an abandoned house and

rescued a kidnapping victim during clearing operations in West

Rashid Dec. 26.

Iraqi Army and Coalition Soldiers found homemade and plastic

explosives during the joint operation aimed at quelling unrest in

the Saydiyah area.

Explosive ordnance disposal personnel remotely detonated the

cache, destroying the unoccupied house. There was no collateral


Iraqi soldiers entered a house in search of a crane operator

who had been kidnapped days before. The man was taken to a

Coalition forces’ facility for medical screening.

Coalition Soldiers also found a cache of eight 120mm rockets,

a 107mm rocket, a 105mm projectile, roughly eight pounds of

homemade explosives, four canisters of an unknown liquid and a

car battery with wires.

EOD personnel command detonated the cache.

– Multi-National Corps – Iraq Public Affairs Iraqi Police, U.S. SOF detain 2 suspected extremists in Ramadi

RAMADI – Iraqi Police and U.S. Special Operations Forces

detained two suspected extremists during operations Dec. 24 and

25 in the city of Ramadi. The operations were part of a series to

capture individuals believed to be involved in the capture of U.S.

Soldiers earlier this year.

The operations were based on intelligence reports linking

the two suspects to the May 12 abduction of three U.S. Soldiers

following an ambush attack near Mahmudiyah. Reporting

indicates that the two suspects have ties to al-Qaida in Iraq.

One of the suspected terrorists is believed to have facilitated

the kidnapping and is reported to have used his residence to aid in

the hiding and transport of the captured Soldiers.

During a previous operation, a U.S. weapon belonging to one of

the abducted Soldiers was recovered at a residence of the second


Both suspects are allegedly involved in terrorist cells

responsible for several IED and mortar attacks against Iraqi and

Coalition forces, as well as the kidnapping and murder of Iraqi

citizens and members of the Iraqi Security Forces.

Four other individuals were detained for further questioning

during the operations.

– Multi-National Corps – Iraq Public Affairs Iraqi SOF, U.S. Special Forces detain 2 criminal extremists

BA’QUBAH – Iraqi Special Operations Forces, advised by

U.S. Special Forces, detained two suspected criminal extremists

during a raid Dec. 24 near the Iraqi village of Abu Saydah as

Saghir, northeast of Ba’Qubah in Diyala Province.

The two suspects are believed to be responsible for IED attacks

against Iraqi and Coalition forces, as well as the kidnapping and

murder of Iraqi citizens. Additionally, the suspects are believed to

have repeatedly targeted the families of Iraqi Security Forces for

intimidation and forced civilians from their homes.

During the course of the operation, the assault force received

small arms fire from an individual on the target objective. Iraqi

and U.S. Forces engaged the individual, killing him.

– Multi-National Corps – Iraq Public Affairs Iraqi National Police discover 2 caches in mosque in Baghdad

RASHID – Iraqi National Police found two caches after

receiving a tip regarding the location of terrorists near the Al-

Kartheemain Mosque Dec. 24 in east Rashid.

When INP and Coalition Soldiers arrived, the suspected

terrorists had fled into the mosque. The national police searched

the mosque and found two caches. The first cache included 107

mm rockets. The second cache consisted of mortar rounds, plastic

explosives, TNT, grenades and other components needed to make

improvised explosives.

The cache was recovered by explosive ordnance disposal

personnel for disposal.

– Multi-National Corps – Iraq Public Affairs ISOF, U.S. Special Forces detain terrorist weapons dealer

BAGHDAD – A Iraqi Special Operations Forces, advised by

U.S. Special Forces, detained a suspected terrorist weapons dealer

during a Dec. 25 raid in Baghdad.

The suspect is believed to deal in a variety of weapons systems

including mortars, rockets, medium and small arms. He is also

thought to be a possible IED cell leader.

During the raid, the assault force recovered several weapons

including two assault rifles, four grenades, three combat knives,

11 AK-47 magazines, an RPG launcher sight and an IED initiation

system. An explosive ordinance disposal team determined the

munitions were unstable and destroyed them at the site.

During the course of the operation, an explosive breach caused

a secondary explosion, which significantly damaged one of the

structures at the target objective. The explosion was caused by

IED making material stored within the structure.

– Multi-National Corp – Iraq Public Affa