SSG Joshua M. Horton.

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Dear HeroBracelets -

I want to thank you for your website and the opportunity to purchase and wear your Hero Bracelets.

My story is about my son, SSgt. Joshua M. Horton, USMC.  I am his proud mother, and his two sisters and I proudly wear one of the purple bracelets with his name and information engraved upon it.

Joshua was deployed in April, 2004.  He arrived in Iraq just after Labor Day, September, 2004.  He was in Iraq only six weeks.  He was part of 2/24 Fox Company and involved in heavy fighting in Yusufiyah.  He was on a rooftop when an incoming mortar round hit.  He was only a few feet away from the explosion, and took heavy shrapnel to the right side of his body, mostly to his right leg.  He sustained critical injuries as a result, and was immediately medevac'd to Baghdad where they stabilized him enough to airlift him to Germany.  He underwent immediate emergency surgery to repair the destroyed artery in his right leg.  He lost large amounts of blood and essentially bled to death during surgery, however, was rescusitated and survived.  He spent five weeks in Bethesda, Maryland at the National Naval Medical Center where he underwent many surgeries to repair his right leg and arm.  In addition to the shrapnel wounds, he had many broken bones including crushed toes and a mild concussion.

Josh has completely recovered except for some minor residual side effects of the injuries.  Every doctor that has touched him since his injury, has called him a miracle, for there is no medical reason why he should be alive, or should have his right leg intact.  I know that he is a miracle, and I believe that it was God's will to have him return to us and God provided for the wonderful medical care that repaired him to this degree.

He is my hero, for he sacrificed a great deal to serve our country, as every member of the armed forces does.  He fought in a difficult war, and has fought hard to come back from these serious injuries.   He is my hero for the strength and fortitude that he showed during a very difficult time for him.

I will continue to wear my bracelet for him for as long as I breathe.  Again, thank you for the opportunity to show my pride in another little way.

Lauchlan  Jones,

Proud Mother of a United States Marine

God Bless and Keep Our Marines S