Remembering 2nd LT. Ryan Leduc.

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I PROUDLY wear the name of 2nd Lt. Ryan Leduc.  He was killed on 9/24/04 and was a Marine from Pana, IL.

I often wonder who he was, what he looked like, did he have family, etc.  I wonder what he thought when he was over there fighting in Iraq for us, so we could maintain our freedom.  He did the most unselfish of tasks--fight for people he didnt even know--for his Country!

I don't take his bracelet off--ever. I feel somehow connected to him by wearing it. I often pray for him and for his family, and I remember to thank Ryan for all he did for us. I cry for someone I never even met, and for the heartache felt by those he left behind.  Isnt that love that we feel for each other such a big part of what makes our country great?  I am sure he must have been the type of person that knew that, too!

Thanks for letting me share!

Gail Esposito,