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We get letters and email on a pretty regular basis from HeroBracelet wearers as well as our soldiers and Marines in the conflict. We're happy to publish these notes.

Dear HeroBracelets,

A few months back, I was in a restaurant having dinner and noticed the man at the next table wearing a bracelet with a name engraved on it. I had read about these kind of soldier bracelets before and asked him about his bracelet. He told me it was a HeroBracelet and he had been wearing it for over a year and a half. He had seen the story on these soldier bracelets on CNN and was moved to order one from your web site. When he ordered it, he didn't know anyone in the military that was serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, but he wanted to do something to support the people serving in our military. He was sent his bracelet with the name of a Marine from Texas that was killed in the early days of the war in Iraq. He's been wearing that Marine's name on his wrist ever since.

He told me all about the Marine. He'd done research on the web and learned about him and his life and his service. He had even posted several notes on web site memorials to his Marine.

I was amazed by all this. A stranger sees a story about soldier bracelets and decides to carry on a memory and tell others about an extraordinary life. And that simple act, moves others to do the same thing.

I say it moved others because I did some searching around for soldier bracelets and found this site, which is where he had originally bought his soldier bracelet. I ordered ten HeroBracelets and gave them to friends and family. None of us have any direct connection to anyone serving in a combat zone, but we all care very much about those who are serving. We are all wearing our HeroBracelets now, and we've all found out about the soldiers and Marines on our HeroBracelets and I'm amazed to say, we all feel as though we have a connection to them.

Some of my friends are very much against the war (and others supported it from the begining), but we all agree that we want to do something to honor those who volunteer to fight for their country. Some of those who I gave the bracelets to pray for the families of those who'se names on their bracelets. Some dont pray but feel they can pass on good karma to the families. I guess we all have our way of trying to do good for others, and the soldier bracelets help to focus that energy on someone who needs it. I know that since I've started wearing my HeroBracelet (with the name of a soldier from Florida), I've had dozens of conversations with people, friends, family and total strangers, about the soldier. Just the other day, someone in line next to me asked me if I was wearing a HeroBracelet (he knew the name!).

I want to thank you at HeroBracelets for this concept. It was such a simple thing, but it has made a real difference in my life and, from what I can tell, the lives of many other people. I know that if I had lost a son or daughter in the war, I would be deeply touched to find out that dozens or even hundreds of people around the country knew about my child's loss and mourned with me, even though we had never met. I will continue to wear my HeroBracelet proudly.

Caroline Thomas

Atlanta, Georgia