Mother Of Fallen Soldier meets Bush

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Over the weekend, WSBT did a story on Deb Meyer's meeting with the President. Here's copy from the story, as well as a link to the video.

Deb MeyerMother Of Fallen Soldier Gets Chance To Meet President

(WSBT) She lost her stepson in the War in Iraq. Thursday she finally got the chance to talk about it with the President of the United States.

Deborah Meyer lost her stepson, Jason, to friendly fire in Iraq in April of 2005. Despite her lost, she says she's remained a loyal supporter of President Bush and the war effort. She wanted to send that message to the President, and with Congressman Chris Chocola's help, she was finally able to do so.

The Meyer's waited patiently the last couple of times the President visited Michiana, but he was always whisked away at the last second. This time was different.

"He was shaking my hand and he leaned over and I thought he was going to give me a hug, well, he planted one right on me, I was like, Whoa, I just got kissed by the President of the United States," said Meyer. "It was really pretty awesome."

The President signed her and her son's name tags. She gave the President one of her hero bracelets, with her son's name and the date of his death engraved.

She's worn it since her son's death.

"I wanted him to have the bracelet. I wanted him to know that it meant something to us to me, to have Jason with him."

She says the president thanked her for her strength and her sons for their service.

Meyer has another son that will go off to Iraq later this year. Jonathan is stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. She says she is worried about him, but he is doing what he wants to do, just like his stepbrother.

"I said, you know John, all you gotta do is say to your commanding officer is there's already been a death in my family and they won't put you in combat, but he said, mom that's not how I am, that's not what I joined for.

Her son Christopher, who was with her Thursday, is planning to join the Marines when he graduates from Riley High School this spring.

Meyer is planning a trip to Washington on Memorial Day with other families who lost loved ones in the war. She is working to have a longer meeting with President during her trip.

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