A HeroBracelet story

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I'm new to the world of blogs, but as I search the Web, I come across some amazing stories.

For instance, I did a Google search on HeroBracelets and came across an entry in a blog called The Fire Ant Gazette. This is written by a gentleman named Eric Siegmund. In his blog, he mentioned (and said some very nice things about) the HeroBracelet project. Well, I wrote him to thank him.

And he wrote back with a pretty interesting story. Apparently, through his blog, a SSG Will read his blog from Iraq and started coresponding. Eric would post about SSG Will and his work in Iraq. One of the issues that was written about was the fact that SSG Will is a Supply Sargent, and in charge of issuing equipment to the guys in his unit. The problem is if somethign doesn't come back, SSG Will has to pay for it out of his own pocket. He's coming back with several thousand dollars he has to pay for missing equipment. Just seems that during wartime, the guys that volunteer to do the hazardous duty, end up paying the bills.

Well, in the process, Eric ordered and wore a Deployed HeroBracelet in SSG Will's name. He is planning on giving the bracelet to him when they meet.

Well, SSG Will is coming home and they plan to meet.

Eric even took up a collection to help defray the several thousand dollars that SSG Will was having to pay. I thought that was pretty nice.

Check out the site HERE